A fantastic nail set with everything you need to get your nails done anywhere, anytime.

New generation adhesive attached to every nail tip. No need to use nail glue.

Enable you to change your nail style and color every day, without harming your natural nails.

Each set comes with 30 pieces of nail tips in 12 different sizes for you to match up your own nail, trust me, you definitely will find the perfect one for each one of your nails.


Our Innovative Super Value Package contains everything you need to DIY you nails including:

- 30 pieces of nail tips in 12 different sizes with adhesive attahced, no nail glue needed ; 

- Wooden stick, for pushing cuticle and remove nail tips;

- Nail sand file;

- Alcohol wipes.


At the meanwell, don’t forget to pick up some Extra Adhesive tabs for the press on nails so that you can reuse the nail tips.


Dashing Diva Press on Nail Tips Set

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  • 1. Select the right size of the nails

    2. Clean your nail surface, cut off cuticle;

    3. Apply nails tips (adhesive attached to every nail tip, no nail glue is needed) on your nails accurately; 

    4. Press repeatedly and hold for a minute;

    5. Avoid water for at least the first 3 hours;

    6. To remove, put your fingers in warm water for 5 minutes, then the nail tips will be pulled off easily;

    7. Store nail tips properly for reuse.