These adhesive tabs make press on nails reusable and are a fantastic alternative to nail glue.

Double sided elastic jelly glue flat tabs, different sizes for every different size of press on nail.

Easy to use, portable, and affordable.


The list price for 1 Sheet = 12 Tabs


Small Tips: 

  • If you prepare your natural nails well before application, your press on nails will stay longer.
  • Wash your hands and then file the surface gently of your nails to make sure the adhesive has some texture to stick to.

Press on Nail Tips Replacement Adhesive

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  • Adhesive tabs enable you to wear press on nails without damaging the natural nail. 

    Perfect to use for temporary use of 1-2 days, but wear time can be up to 7 days. 

    If you choose adhesive nail tabs you can wear the nails about 1 to 7 days.